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iL Fornello

iL Fornello x Veganuary Social Media Promotion

Humber College Advertising & Graphic Design students were challenged to create a promotional campaign for iL Fornello’s plant-based and gluten-free menu. To celebrate the month of January, social media marketing and collateral was produced to promote the restaurant’s participation in Veganuary. My designs were chosen by the owner/co-founder of Il Fornello Restaurants as runner-up for this student competition.

Creative Direction
Graphic Design


2nd Place overall

The Italian restaurant joined participants from over 220 countries in Veganuary’s mission to inspire and support people to try veganism. The main ask was to promote the restaurant’s specials, delivery partnerships, and produce cohesive, type-focused executions.

Il Fornello needed to fill a second seating. This new target market is in-between fine dining and fast food.  A trendy, promotional social media campaign that reaches out to new markets that will fill in late-night seating with younger patrons.

I believe this design is effective because of the bright, yet flexible colour palette, inspired by Italian food with a modern twist. This vintage typography with rough textures evoke the feeling of wood, matching the brand’s (hi)story of being Toronto’s first wood-burning oven. These designs have something to say, and they don't waste your time in saying it. By supporting efficient minimalism, they also give you some intellectual credit, understanding that an impactful message, bold type and some creative arrangements can be just as engaging as attention-hungry visuals.