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h2o brand guide

Branding/Packaging Project

h²o is a fictional brand that sells alkaline spring water, using a logo created with the Quadradius Method of design. 

Brand Identity


This project's main challenge was using The Quadradius Method of design system to create a simple, practical corporate symbol . This Swiss method is much like building an animal with legos or tangram, using positive and negative space on graph paper. 

I chose an elephant for the logo because of the animal's positive values. Elephants represent trust and honesty, which is important when deciding what to put in your body. h²o wants to be the safest, most reliable choice for your hydration. The company image is meant to echo a calm, refreshing and enlightened experience. The brand’s primary target audiences are health-conscious, independent consumers interested in wellness, and natural products.

v1. The original version in my first-year Design course in Humber College + my thought process to revisit after feedback:

v2. The revised outcome for structure and minimalism: