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Tune Into Your Feels

Zulu Alpha Kilo + Humber Advertising & Graphic Design 2023 Campaign 

Tune Into Your Feels is a spec advertising campaign to launch Lululemon’s first entry into the Canadian athletic shoe market.


Natalie Grakovski
Haley Greene
Mitch Lowes


Graphic Design
Art Direction



To launch Lululemon’s entry into the athletic shoe market to create awareness and drive sales for the new line in Canada. The entire premise behind the entry into this market was to build a female-specific engineered shoe, offering footwear built around a woman’s foot. 

The Goal

To promote Lululemon by offering a personalized and high-quality product that motivates women to stay engaged and tuned into their workouts.

Target Market

City-dwelling Millennial women aged 25-38 living in Canada. They are passionate about fitness, technology, and frequently go for runs. We are targeting the existing Lululemon customer, who are always looking for better sneakers that prevent injury. They’re self-motivated, and seek high-performance athletic gear that can enhance their fitness routine. They need to listen to music while exercising to relieve boredom, fatigue, and improve their workout.

The Answer

Each shoe has its unique Spotify code embedded onto the soles. Scanning the embedded Spotify code on the sole of the purchased Lululemon shoe reveals a personalized playlist tuned into its unique Feel. Regular exercise and listening to music have been found to have undeniable health benefits, for both the body and mind. Merging these two practices, we encourage an overall, well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

︎ All Spotify codes shown are scannable. Go ahead, try it - they work.


To launch the shoes on International Women’s Day before the official brand launch  (08/03/22), there will be a livestream on social media of 3 synchronized yoga class’ across Canada so that people everywhere can join the world-class workout with Lululemon instructors. The events will take place in three major city parks: Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. We’ll also host fantastic concerts with all-female musicians and artists to get the party going. There will also be opportunities to try on all of the shoes, and dance, sing and have fun. ︎

People will get the chance to add their own songs in each playlist, making them more consumer-based, and engaging. They will also be able to make one universal playlist, where everyone will get the chance to add their personal touch with their favourite songs. That universal playlist would then be used in all Lululemon stores. ︎

Don’t get FOMO - this will be a party to remember.

Tune Into Your Feels is more than just a campaign for Lululemon shoes. It's a journey towards balance, wellness, and self-discovery. By combining the physical, and mental health benefits of movement and music, we're offering a unique experience that goes beyond fashion and style. 

We're empowering women to find their rhythm, and feel whatever they want - without having being told what or how to feel. With the use of Spotify codes, we're connecting your favorite tunes, whilst enhancing your workout routines. Instead of selling shoes; it’s inspiring a movement. So let's all tune into our feels and keep moving forward, one step at a time. ︎︎